Tales from the Agile Crypt

Oh the stories I could tell! Maybe I’ll write a book someday: Tales from the Agile Crypt.

“Of course [another team] is adopting Agile. Because they’re all [expletive national slur]. If you ask them to jump they’ll ask you how high. Ask us to jump and we’ll say oh yeah see if you can make us…Go ahead, I dare you…[big smile]…No, my team won’t be learning Agile.”

This team will soon be extinct. But the sad thing is they, like all of us, are merely products of nature and culture. In this case toxic culture and failed leadership. Which is why I was there.

But for those who tell me they feel trapped in this situation but hope to rise above it, I quote Henry Ford: “Believe you can and you’re right; believe you can’t and you’re right!” And Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” YOU ARE the transformation! YOU ARE the future!

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