Dialogic Agile Development

Organizations are in the business of generating value, products and services, revenue, etc. The key to success is a generative culture. That’s what the Agile Manifesto and Principles created and that’s what the Agile Industrial Complex is killing. Because, as Gervase Bushe says, once an idea is defined to the point of providing paint-by-number solutions, it has lost its generative power.

That’s why I’m an advocate of fit-for-purpose (create your own), Agnostic Agile, complemented by generative practices such as Open Space Agility and Liberating Structures, Appreciative Inquiry, and Solution Focused Therapy.

All of this is an approach to transformation known as Dialogic Organizational Development, or Dialogic OD. Dialogic OD is at the heart of what I do today. I call it Solution Focused Agile, but Dialogic Agile Development, or Dialogic AD, is also a good descriptor.

If you’re not familiar with DialogicOD, check out this video introduction and pick up the book. By the way, Gervase has agreed to an Agile on the Edge interview soon. Can’t wait!

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