Heart of Agile: Another Certificate?!

The Agile certification market is diluted by hundreds – if not thousands – of meaningless credentials. And I’ve had the top certs for years. So why in the world bother to get a new one? Because Alistair Cockburn, one of the creators of Agile, is working hard to bring Agile back to its roots, or transcend what it has become – Alistair refers to his work as “post-Agile.” My interest is in deconstructing the Agile Industrial Complex.

Whatever we call it, this is important work, I’m happy to join the cause, so I just picked up the Heart of Agile Essentials certificate. The key takeaway for me: Work is a value stream flow of ideas, relationships, conversations, decisions, and reflection, with continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) of value the topic of conversation. The big surprise for me: Solution Focus is at the heart of the heart of Agile!

I look forward to much more to come from the new Heart of Agile Academy and may even get a chance to teach the Solution Focus course!

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